It’s hard to believe that, this time two years ago, Boris Johnson gave the British public his famous ‘stay home’ address, when he told us we had to give up our inalienable right to go to the pub!  What’s more, we all listened to him. Two years later, we're slowly getting back to ‘normal’ (whatever that is) and as spring approaches in earnest, more of us are venturing out, to indulge in music, art, theatre, photography exhibitions and dining once more.  And boy does it feel good.

Here’s a few ideas for what we think you’d enjoy in London at the moment - this really is a city where there’s something on offer for everyone.  So go on, get out there, and enjoy yourself.  You’ve earned it…

1. Sebastião Salgado’s 'Amazônia' Exhibition

Delgao Exhibition
Sebastio Salgado, the Brazilian-born photographer, and social activist, is back in London, with a breathtaking exhibition of South American rainforests and the indigenous communities that live in them.  

London’s wondrous Science Museum, in South Kensington, is hosting his works, and the exhibition is truly astonishing - 200 black and white photographs that are incredibly powerful in documenting the parlous state of our planet, whilst at the same time leaving us in awe of nature.

This is a great opportunity to enjoy the works of one of the world’s most talented and famed photographers, whilst enjoying an ‘immersive’ soundtrack as you wander around the halls.  And if you’re curious, the museum is also hosting another exhibition entitled ‘Our Planet’ which is free to the public. Get yourself down to South Ken, and after you’ve been to the museum, enjoy a stroll in Hyde Park or Chelsea.  And hurry - it only runs until the end of March.  

London Science Museum, Exhibition Road, SW7 / Tel: 033 0058 0058 /

2. ‘The Art of Banksy’

Banksy Exhibition London
Who doesn’t enjoy speculating about Banksy’s identity, whilst they’re admiring his ab-fab creations?  Well, the elusive artist is back in London, this time in Seven Dials, Covent Garden, in an exhibition which, along with many of his prints and canvases, gives you plenty of information (tests and videos) about his life and how he rose to fame.

A trip here gives you the opportunity to come within a few metres of some of his most famous creations, including  ‘Girl with the Red Balloon', a print of ‘Stop and Search’ and also ‘Pulp Fiction’ (replacing the guns with bananas).  Look closely and you’ll also spy his parody of the British £10 note with Princess Di’s face replacing Queen Elizabeth’s - the Banksy of England!   

It’s fair to say that few are coming away from this exhibition disappointed…so don’t miss it.

50 Earlham Street, Covent Garden, WC2 / Tel: 020 7206 1174 /

3. ‘The Human Voice’ starring Ruth Wilson - opens March 17th

The Human Voice
Ruth Wilson is one very talented actress, whether she’s playing sociopath Alice Morgan in ‘Luther’, the eponymous heroine of Jane Eyre or the troubled Alsion Lockhart in the American smash-hit ‘The Affair.’

Now she’s back on the London stage, albeit for a very brief stint (three weeks) starring in ‘The Human Voice’ - Jean Cocteau’s fabled monologue, written in 1928, and set in Paris about a woman making one last phone call to her lover.  

In short, the heroine discovers that her lover of the last five years is about to marry another woman, which causes her to fall into a pit of despair and depression.  In this play, the telephone is the perfect prop for the exploration of ideas, feelings, human needs and our inability, as humans, to communicate and connect.

And Ruth Wilson - well, who doesn’t want to watch her on the stage?

Harold Pinter Theatre / Tel: 0333 009 6690 /

4. Human Rights Watch FIlm Festival - 17th-22nd March

Film Festival London
The world, arguably, has never been more troubled and with the debate about Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine on high heat, there’s never been a better time to talk about human rights.

Human Rights Watch is a world-famous organisation that documents abuse and defends people at risk - its employees functioning as lawyers, journalists and investigators.  Marking its 30th anniversary, in which time they’ve showcased over 720 films globally, they’re kicking off their festival this year in London, at the Barbican.

The festival this year includes a film about Bangladeshi women surfers, repression of the Falun Gong in China, a burgeoning judicial system in Poland and a young Jewish Berliner, whose grandparents were holocaust survivors, and who is desperate to leave the past behind.

The good news is that if you can’t make it to an in-house screening, you can also pay for a digital ticket (which is cheaper) and watch the movie in your own home.  Or buy a pass and binge watch!

5.  Mother's Day

Mothers Day Hampstead
We couldn’t finish off this list without mentioning Mother’s Day (or Mothering Sunday as some call it) which falls, this year, on 27th March.  As we all know, mothers are incredible - they’re chauffeurs, cooks, artists, psychologists, and - in most cases - the brains behind the men!   Arguably, there should be more than one day in the year in which they’re celebrated but, as things stand, it’s March 27th.

At La Gaffe, we always have a Mother’s Day lunch, which proves to be popular again and again, both with our regulars, first-timers who live in London and even visitors from out of town. And we will be giving a free glass of Prosecco to every mum! Since the pandemic, we’ve rejigged our menu a little but, rest assured, the food is as delicious as ever.  

Some of our most popular dishes include the rack of lamb, grilled sea bass and fillet steak, but we’ve also got plenty of options for vegetarians, including pastas, soups and salads - trust us, you won’t go hungry.  And if, or anyone you’re dining with, a dietary restriction, just let us know in advance and we’ll do our best to accommodate it.  For reservations, contact us here.