La Gaffe FamilyWelcome to the La Gaffe blog! It's been a long time coming but now we're finally up and running, we're sure there's going to be a lot to write about in the coming months (and years!) For those of you who don't know us let's just give you a quick feel for who we are.

We're going to be devoting future posts to our long and interesting history but for now, let's introduce ourselves as an independent family-run and owned business in the heart of leafy Hampstead, in beautiful north London.  Opened by Bernardo and Androulla Stella (who came, respectively, from Italy and Cyprus, back in the day) we opened our doors originally as a French restaurant. With Bernardo as front of house and Androulla working her magic in the kitchen, we soon built up a reputation for tasty fare at extremely reasonable prices. Over the years, the restaurant flourished and we decided to expand.

Today, we we're also the proud owners of both comfortable and affordable guest accommodation, on site, in buildings above and next door to our restaurant. What's even better is that they're full of charm and character, because 300 years ago they were actually shepherd's cottages... Whether it's a mini-break you're after (shopping, theatre and eating), a business stay that you're looking for after, or just a holiday in the the world's greatest city, we can help.

We also have a charming and informal wine bar, adjacent to the restaurant, where you can pop in for a cappuccino, a quick bite or a late night Italian nightcap before retiring! 

Here at La Gaffe. we're particularly proud of the fact that we've kept our business in the family all these years and that Bernardo and Androula didn't just sell up (like so many establishments) but handed things over to their son, Lorenzo. Today, he's at the helm, aided by a team of friendly and welcoming staff (and if you don't believe how charming he and they are, just read our reviews....) We aim to offer anyone who walks through our door a 'home away from home' and, although we don't boast about it, our clientele are rather varied (including a maverick Member of Parliament, an 80's pop star and a few thespians to boot).

That's another thing that's great about us - we're about as far from the chain hotels and corporate branding image as you can imagine.  How do we sum up La Gaffe then?

It's not easy - which is why we hope you'll follow our blog in the months to come, learning more about our owners, our clientele, our delicious food, comfy accommodation and the astonishing neighbourhood that is Hampstead.

In the meantime, pop on by - whether it's sweltering heat or mounds of snow, early morning or late at night, our doors are open. Whether you're in the mood for a quick bite, a sit-down meal or simply a cappuccino, we're happy to oblige... Read you again soon!